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Student feedback

Many thanks for all your supporting statements and individual judgement towards my professional practices. I always receive many good-will statements year in year out, but I never thought of having it as an acknowledgement of all your appreciations. This idea has been generated by one of my children who asked me ‘What really makes you a good Lecturer or Professor?’ My answer was ‘a good Lecturer or Professor must be able to impact knowledge to others and contribute to knowledge within his or her research area’. My son replied, ‘not always the case, you should have a page on your website that shows realistic comments from your present and past students’. Now I have done exactly what my son said but if your comment does not appear among those listed below, please do not be offended, your comment might be among the 1 million still in my archive. Thanks for remembering to email me what you think, I wish you all the ‘Best of Luck’.

Students comments

  • Thank you very much Professor Shoniregun.
  • I wish you the best of the best with your career and your life. I hope to have chance to see you soon.
  • Thank you so much Professor Shoniregun.
  • God Almighty will continue to favour you and crown all your efforts with success...!
  • With many thanks Sir. You have truly and indeed put smiles on my face forever. God bless you!
  • Professor, Thank you very much for your help...!
  • Sir...! Thanks for all your support !
  • Hope to work with you again very soon.
  • Thank you very much indeed!
  • Thanks my Prof...!
  • Prof, all the very best and may the LORD be with you in all you do. AMEN.
  • Sir you deserve all good and wealth in this world, because you love other as yourself and you always help and support.
  • You have been a great teacher, lecturer, and a Professor to me, and I fully enjoyed your lectures, you explained everything in detail and it made it easier for me to understand. I will miss your lectures and I wish I could do it gain!
  • This is a message to say the biggest thank you for being my supervisor and also for all your assistance during the duration of my programme. Saying you are the best lecturer that ever taught me might actually be an understatement. I so much believe that all I’ve learnt from you will surely be beneficial as I continue to the next face of my career.
  • I wish all the Professors are as articulated, intelligent and resourceful as you. Your lectures are precise, concise and detailed. You made the course look so easy despite the technicalities involved. Please keep it up.
  • It was an immense pleasure working with you. During last one and a half years, I found you to be an out standing professor with immense Knowledge, easily approachable, friendly, and most importantly a man of character. You left a mark in the history of University of East London and you made a history in your field, which would be remembered for the centuries to come. Once again I like to thank you and I really miss your lectures. You’re simply the best lecturer I have ever known.
  • I thank you for being my supervisor. You are the best lecturer I have ever come across. I thank you very much and will always remember you. Your motivational skill as a lecturer is one to reckon with and note worthy of.
  • I would like to thank you for being my supervisor. I believe in your word that you don't fail student if they attended all the classes. From my opinion, you’re the best lecturer in the university and if I have a chance I would come back and study with you again. Thank you very much.
  • I appreciate all the encouragement you gave us during the e-Commerce lecture. This has really improved my ability to do a thorough research work on paper that has been accepted for the on-coming i-Society 2006 International conference in August 2006 in the United State. If most lecturers were like you, there would not have been a dull student and your humility despite your achievements has broken my bones. In short, I am humbled by your simplicity. You are a gift to this generation.
  • You are really a very good teacher and I am happy that you are my supervisor. You may think that I'm flattering you. No I'm not. Shall I tell you why I'm saying that you are a very good teacher? If you check my module results, you'll see I've got distinction mark only in e-commerce, the module you taught us. I really miss your lectures.
  • Being an international student and also being one who left the school system many years after my first degree, I was too scared on how I was going to cope with the MSc. Technology Management but your lecturing strategies and encouraging words to students have built that confidence in me. You are a source of inspiration to many. I miss and will always miss your lectures. Keep the good work going!!!
  • It is a great pleasure to show my profound gratitude. Your lecturing strategies, and kind advice on research methods and methodologies were very useful and the memory lingers on. Thank you once again and I hope we keep the communication going because I never want to loose contact with you, as you are my hero.
  • Without the blink of an eye, am saying you are the best professor that has ever taught me. Teaching does not only entails pouring out academic stuffs but the way the lecturer convey the concept and ideology behind the topic in relation to real life situation to the students, this, you have combined in an excellent way that even the non-academics can digest. These qualities of yours have distinguished you as an excellent lecturer. I have completed my semesters A and B, will surely miss your lectures Charles! Keep the candle burning and more grease to your elbow. You are simply the best!!
  • I just want to express my gratitude for your invaluable guidance, encouragement and most especially for devoting a substantial time for me during the time of my project. You have always been a listening lecturer and I knew this when you thought me E-commerce. You are a rare gem! Please, keep up the good work.
  • Your teaching method is the best because students are actively involved in the discussion and discussions are always lively and to the point. You never distant yourself from the students, even the shyest student participate in critical discussion. I consider myself very fortunate to have a full package to have a teacher, lecturer and professor like you. Your lectures and publications have broadened both my thinking and analytic ability.
  • I thank you for being my supervisor, however, I have now settled down in my country and am back to work. I surely miss your lectures Charles. You’re the best Professor that ever taught me. I thank you for everything.

The good things we have invested monies and time, in some cases collaborate with others to develop for human kind are priceless.
- C.A. Shoniregun

Change is not always the case of what has happened. But how the positive or negative elements have contributed to the expected and unexpected changes within the time frame.
- Charles A. Shoniregun

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