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Editing & Reviewing

  1. Editor-in-Cheif of Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (JITST)ISSN ISSN 2046-3723 (online).
  2. Manuscript reviewer for Springer.
  3. Manuscript reviewer, IEEE Wireless Communications, IEEE Communication Society.
  4. Editorial Board Member of the Academy Journal of Information Systems and Technology (AJIST), Deanship of Scientific Research.
  5. Reviewer, subject area ‘Management Information Systems’ (MIS), Thomson Learning.
  6. Reviewer, Software Quality Journal, Springer Publishers.
  7. Editorial Board Member of the ‘New Collegium’ Journal, ISSN 1562-529X.
  8. Manuscript reviewer, periodical journal publication Mobile Computing and Communications Review (MC2R), ACM SIGMOBILE.
  9. Reviewer of the 18th International Conference on Industrial & Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems (IEA/AIE 2005), June 22–25, 2005, Bari, Italy.
  10. Pending Updates...!

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